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Building permit documents
Building plans for renovations
Floor plans
Technical specifications


We work on the design of building projects and handle everything from building descriptions to applying for building permits.

Handling building permit documents is a comprehensive task where typically one submits site and elevation drawings along with technical specifications to obtain their building permit approved. The documents submitted must comply with the municipality and the specific area's regulations, which usually include building codes, zoning regulations, and other local ordinances. During the application period, we usually maintain ongoing dialogue with the building permit authority to promptly supplement and address any queries.

We have experience in both redesigning existing houses and floor plans and building new ones from scratch. Our recent projects include redesigning a vacation home into a residential house, an older mountain house soon to undergo renovation and expansion according to our plans, and a new vacation home completed in the forests of Sörmland – just to name a few.

bygglov och planritning fritidshus

Life at Lövet is at least as much outdoors as indoors. But for them to thrive and have space in the leisure house, the architecture needed to be shaken up. Extend, lengthen, and submerge the actual house structure. Without causing harm to the landscape, on the contrary - letting the plot shape the house.

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We developed a visual language and toolkit, and with our strategic insights Tvålfabriken were provided with the knowledge necessary to know where and to who they were speaking with, and with our communication concept, tagline and message, they had a solid platform to leap from.

bygglov och planritning fritidshus

In the midst of the forests of Sörmland lies Aspudden - a leisure house that we designed with a fantastic view of the lake - where every square meter has been maximized to offer both function and comfort. With an expanded patio all around, one can enjoy late summer evenings in front of the fireplace - which can also be lit from inside the house.

bygglov och planritning fritidshus

EFO contacted us with a request to redesign their two bathrooms, hoping to add a shower in one of the rooms. As the shower was incorporated, both water closets received new surface finishes that harmonize with EFO's visual identity.

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bygglov och planritning fritidshus

Extension of a leisure house

Perched on the cliff, like an eagle's nest with a glimpse of the sea in sight and surrounded by tall pine trees, lies the leisure house - which truly enhances the leisure time for its owners. And when the small interconnected houses became too cramped, we designed an extension with a new entrance, a new bathroom, and a bedroom with a view.

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