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EFO has been relocating energy for over 40 years. EFO was founded on the need for securing the supply of fuel for its owners, a group of Swedish Utility companies, at a time when oil and coal were the basis for heat generation. But as a consequence of the growing need for an environmentally viable solution for the continuous arising of residual waste, EFO has shifted its business to offer the waste service to international customers as a solution to the never-ending flow of waste.





Message and concept

EFO is a company that does a lot of great things. They play a big role in keeping homes and businesses heated, they help reduce the toxic waste landfills around the world, turning waste into energy and contributing to the circular economy. However, they needed our help in explaining their business model and all the different aspects of it, in an engaging and educational way, and at the same time explaining the context that they operate in.


In short – for the audience to understand the role and use of EFO’s business, we needed to paint a bigger picture. We needed to shift perspectives and perceptions, and dig deep into the world of energy, consumption, waste disposal and transportation, from a global perspective. This was where we started to shape the message, the basis of the visual identity, where energy is central to all parts of the communication.

Visual Identity

The relocation of energy – central to the business, central to the visual language. The ultimate symbolic representation of energy, the sun, is where we found the building blocks when re-designing the logotype. The functionality, the role in the circular economy, the powerful symbolic language, is all reflected throughout the visual identity and graphic toolbox.

Interior Design

When you re-furnish, things happen. With the employees, the customers, and sometimes with the whole company. Our journey with EFO began with developing and clarifying the brand and its basic components. As the new communication platform and identity took shape, the office, at Hötorget in Stockholm, followed.

Photography by: Elin Sylwan

The relocation of waste

In order to reach the level of engagement needed to truly understand the usefulness of their business, we visualized the works of the world's energy flow in this video. Covering the current problems in waste generation, lack of energy sources, and the circular benefits of the business.