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TEAM Hälsa is an occupational healthcare company located in Gothenburg that has worked to improve Sweden's employees' health since 1988, working with the concepts of prevention, education, treatment, and training. Through their broad competence and scientifically anchored working methods and strong resources, they are one of the best renowned authorized occupational healthcare companies in Sweden.


What does health mean? What can it mean for you, what's there to explore in the definition and how is it relevant for your business or your employees? These were all questions we needed to answer, in order to bring TEAM Hälsa's new brand and message to life.


We called our vision “sustainable health”. For your workplace, for your employees, and for you. For both life and working life. Today and tomorrow, now and then. And this is how we visualized it – with the concept of Balance as central in all parts of the communication.We created an identity in harmony with the concept of balance and sustainability. Where the soft green tones talks of harmony and security, the gradient symbolizes the broad spectrum of health, and the symbol of balance permeates the logotype image.


When we took on the mission to redesign this brand, we wanted it to harmonize with the concept of balance and sustainability. The gradient graphics symbolize the spectrum of health and the symbol that stands for balance permeates the logotype to emphasize important words or messages. This concept not only helped us in our design journey but was equally important for TEAM Hälsa to develop their communication and tone of voice.

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