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AFF is a property management company located in Orminge. Since 2005, they have been helping property owners, entrepreneurs, and the privately owned sector to take care of their properties and ensure that it is in good condition. Services they provide range from technical and administrative property management, gardening, and waste sorting.




For places of life and inspiration

As a customer of AFF, you may not always see them or notice that they have been there. AFF’s main goal is to leave behind a feeling that everything is flowing and working. With trust, close relations, and personal service they deliver an active property management because if the property is feeling well – the residents are feeling well. Local has helped AFF to further develop their visual identity and to create powerful communication, by creating a brand-new logotype and imagery.

Visual identity

We created a new and strong visual identity for AFF, to better showcase their expertise and knowledge in the field of property management. With a new and powerful color palette, alongside a clearer visual logotype, we can create loud and proud communication and stand out amongst their competitors.


No two days are alike working at AFF and to get to understand their business, we got to tag along with a couple of employees in their day-to-day operations. The result was summarized in a video that showcases AFF’s entire service range – from property management service rounds to refinement of outdoor environments.