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NF Måleri

NF Måleri is a family-owned company, with over 30 years of experience in the painting industry and in making people’s homes, workplaces and public areas look and feel their absolute best. Located in Hägersten, they provide services in the Stockholm area such as indoor and outdoor painting, decoration painting, traditional painting, and linseed oil, to mention a few.  




For places of life and inspiration

As a customer of AFF, you may not always see them or notice that they have been there. AFF’s main goal is to leave behind a feeling that everything is flowing and working. With trust, close relations, and personal service they deliver an active property management because if the property is feeling well – the residents are feeling well. Local has helped AFF to further develop their visual identity and to create powerful communication, by creating a brand-new logotype and imagery.

Visual identity

We created a modern and versatile identity for NF Måleri’s to use for many years to come. In order for them to speak up and showcase their skills, color had to brought in to carry their message and appearance forward. Bold and playful visuals now define their brand, along with proof of their confidence and experience more central to their communication.


We had the privilege to sit down with Ylva Bobert, a color specialist at NF Måleri, and listen to her story about what color does to a room and how to work with spacing and lightning. This conversation became a short interview, together with an image video showcasing the entire range of services that they provide.