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Sandvik Rock Tools is a global industrial company with approximately 3 500 employees worldwide, and as a division of the Sandvik Group, Sandvik Rock Tools offers a complete range of rock tools for bench drilling, raise boring, coal and mineral cutting, tunneling, trenching, road grading and cold planing.




Purpose statement

Sandvik Rock Tools is currently working on their strategy for 2025, and in order for them to reach their relevant objectives and key insights, we have helped them to shape their Purpose statement, in order to guide the organization forward regarding why they do what they do. To find these words and to create a relevant, meaningful, and true definition, we conducted surveys, talked to key stakeholders and held workshops to find the right blocks to build with.

Inclusion and visualization

To make this organization-wide project a truly inclusive and meaningful exercise, we built a web platform to use as a survey tool, including interactive forms along with continuous video updates produced during the project.