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It all started where it should always start; by asking customers and employees what they thought of and how their Johnells made them feel. A strong new identity, a tone of voice, new imagery, ten campaigns, and four new stores later, Johnells is now stronger than ever in terms of brand.






Have a look at the Johnells campaign Din livs stil, shot in the beautiful Vemdalsfjällen in Jämtland.

Interior Design

We work continuously to produce custom-made furnishings and interior pieces for Johnell's stores.

Visual Identity

A strong visual identity that allows to be challanged and explored further. 

Interior Design

A big part of our work partnership with Johnells has consisted of defining the brand in its physical space. Pushing its characteristics and constructing the in-store experience to align with the brand persona. With an awareness of detail and functionality and with the day-to-day business always in mind, the interior design concept is continuously tended to. Given its huge impact on driving sales and developing new possibilities for visual merchandising, it is an exciting arena for the visual identity to come alive.

Visual Identity

In 2015, we were commissioned to develop a new logo and tagline for Johnells. A project that with its required market research, interviews and, in-depth analysis of Johnells core brand values, gave us a deep understanding and powerful insights into the essence and heart of the 100-year old multi-brand chain. This eventually resulted in a complete re-definition of the brand; a new identity and voice, that with style and confidence said "We love to make you look brilliant".

Since then, we keep challenging and questioning both Johnells and ourselves to define our future, to stay ahead of ourselves, and to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Motion & Video

Alongside Johnells seasonal campaigns we produce film and animation for in-store screens, social media ad-sets, tv-productions and more, all the way from concept and storyboards to post production and publishing.