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The archipelago reinvented


Visual identity


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Nämdö Sea Lodges is an ongoing architectural project in the Stockholm archipelago. Located at Nämdö Solvik in the outer archipelago, it is an oasis with everything that makes the archipelago a fantastic place, and soon to become one of tomorrow's most attractive and well-known meeting places in the area. With good communications, infrastructure, and fiber that enable remote work, the mission is to preserve and develop Nämdö Solvik for a sustainable future.


For many of us, the differences between weekdays and holidays are blurrier these days. This has opened doors to new ways of living, as more and more people see the benefits of being in contact with nature all year round. This insight has resulted in Nämdö Sea Lodges – a unique accommodation in an archipelago environment. And with inspiration from how we live and experience the mountains during the winter months, the service level and business model of Nämdö Sea Lodges allows for any type of living – all year round, or just when you feel like it.


Nämdö Sea Lodges asked us to help them get their vision straight and create alignment in all the different ideas and pave the way forward for the brand. We traveled to Nämdö to capture material to showcase this mesmerizing place and incorporate its unique qualities into the brand architecture. Bringing the location closer to the recipient in all aspects of the communication, and creating more possibilities to truly appreciate what Nämdö is all about: an archipelago life to share and experience.

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