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Project management

Interior design



When Åsa and Johan realized their summer dream, the proximity to nature and adventure was as important as the proximity to the sea. Life at Lövet takes place at least as much outside as inside. The west coast house from the seventies is a common sight in the summer house area, next to Bråviken's estuary. With its period-typical large windows and simple lines, the silhouette looks good – even on the east coast. But in order for them to thrive and have a place in the holiday home, the architecture needed to be overhauled. Pull out, extend and lower the body of the house itself. Without harming the landscape, on the contrary – let the plot shape the house.

The pictures were published in Plaza Interiör. Photographer Elin Sylwan


It quickly became clear that the house needed a major renovation and expansion, in order to meet all current and future needs. The architect Elin chose to have the house extended forward and by creating a ground floor plan, the desire for substantial ceiling height could be realized. The goal was to keep the house's shape and extend the archetypal silhouette.

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