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A space for ideas


Brand identity

Concept development



Interior design


Tvålfabriken is an inspiring co-working space created from the members' needs and wishes. Located the middle of beautiful Gnesta, housed in this stunning building created by famous architect Ralph Erskine, it encapsulates the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity that has been bubbling within the walls of the previous soap factory for decades.


We wanted to create a concept that was versatile and playful enough to capture all the differences and eclectic minds of its inhabitants – the freelancers, the industry, the start-ups, the consultants, the creators, and the entrepreneurs. A vision and concept that would make all these different businesses come together in a brand that would attract new members, as well as maintain an attractive environment for the existing tenants.

We developed a visual language and toolkit, and with our strategic insights Tvålfabriken were provided with the knowledge necessary to know where and to who they were speaking with, and with our communication concept, tagline and message, they had a solid platform to leap from.

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