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A Better Coverage


Brand identity

Concept development




Packaging design

Video production



ABECE is the global leader of concrete roof tile machinery and they have been helping companies reach their goals all over the world since 1919. With more than 100 years of experience, they offer a broad range of entire concrete roof tile plants and machinery upgrades as well as spare parts, service, and support. They supply all customer demands, from low-speed manual production to fully automatic multi-profile plants.


In 2015, ABECE needed help to find a new identity and a strategy forward to find out what separates them from the competition, how to build confidence among coworkers, and to find a common vision. In order to achieve this, we had to give the brand meaning and direction.

What started as a sales concept and ended up as the brand tagline, A Better Coverage™ was the start of a long and successful relationship, where we together with ABECE gave them the tools to be the best they had ever been before. Both regarding visual identity, communication, and in the business of selling roof tile machinery. With a cohesive brand and with an evident vision, every sales representative and technician had something to gather around – and talk about.

Since then we have together with ABECE developed a working method called The ABECE Way™. This means that when you invest in equipment from ABECE, you are not only guaranteed the most efficient and modern systems, but also guaranteed that they will always be by your side, delivering the best service and original spare parts to keep your machines up and running as if they were new for many years to come.


In order to make this method reach both existing and potential new customers, we produced a series of films, explaining what the method means both for ABECE and for their customers. That ABECE is a company in motion, constantly moving towards its vision of a 100 percent efficient roof tile plant. By keeping close relations, ABECE makes sure that the customer's every need is being met. This is why ABECE offers A Better Coverage™.

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