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The right people


Brand identity

Web design

Interior design

Motion design


Stockwik is an investment company acquiring companies and offering a stable platform for businesses to develop organically and through complementary acquisitions – always investing long-term and acquiring companies to retain them.

We are Local Bergfast
We are Local Run
We are Local Galdax
We are Local MBF


We were commissioned to give Stockwik's website a new suit. That would better display Stockwik's way of working and that each investment is made according to their three basic principles: the right companies, the right people, and the right values. ​

We are Local Stockwik

The new platform highlights its philosophy, vision, and values, always with future investors or partners in mind. Along with this digital project, we have also designed their physical space. Stockwik just got a new office and we have been a part of the project managing and purchasing surface layers and furniture. In addition, we developed their corporate art concept, where Stockwik's brand identity was translated to fit the criteria of an office space design.

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