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Stockwik buys companies and offers a stable platform for businesses to develop organically and through complementary acquisitions. They invest long-term and acquire companies to retain them, and work according to three basic principles; the right company, the right people, the right values.


Local was commissioned to give Stockwik's website a new suit. That would better display Stockwik's way of working and that each investment is made according to their three basic principles; the right companies, the right people, the right values.

The new website highlights its philosophy, vision, and values, always with future investors or partners in mind.

Interior Design

To be able to do good work, you need to feel good at work.

In the spring of 2022, Stockwik will move into its new premises in Täby. Local has been involved in project management of the renovation, and has been responsible for purchasing surface layers and furniture. In addition, we developed specially designed corporate art, where Stockwik's visual identity was allowed to shine and further characterize the new office.

Bringing the brand to life

“Goosebumps, anticipation, and sometimes frustration. That's all part of the entrepreneurs' everyday life. For it to work overtime, a good business climate is required. This is exactly what we at Stockwik invest in. And what we invite you to take part in."


Through these words, we made the Stockwik brand come to life. By talking to CEO David Andreasson, and visiting a few of the companies in Stockwik's portfolio, we got to see the big picture of the long-term investment strategy of acquiring companies to retain them. We decided that in order to capture the true meaning of the business, brand, and people in the companies, we needed to make it into a film.