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Creative Concept

Nail Democracy is a creation from the minds of Frida Selkirk and Silvia Adlesic Holmgren. Two creative visionaries with a like-minded desire for change. In 2020, they decided to realize one of their biggest dreams – to create a nail studio bursting with energy, whilst being a safe and welcoming place for all customers as well as their employees. Nail Democracy's nail studios are a place of creative freedom and high a level of service, both when it comes to their customer's wishes and their employee's well-being. At Nail Democracy you are welcome whoever you are and whatever your dreams may be, and as an employee, your creativeness and personal growth are equally important. 

Nail Democracy





Nail Democracy is on a mission. They have set out to change the business of nails, with creativity, courage, and fairness as their main tools. By giving you just the awesome, colorful, and shiny nails you deserve, they want to inspire creative minds and turn the industry around with a lovely mix of fair working conditions, a truly inspiring work environment, and a truly inspiring experience.

Visual Identity

The mission to visualize the business idea began to grow from this, using the revolutionary take on the industry and the artistry behind it, we decided that the brand had to be just as bold, outspoken, and saturated as its creators and their way of work. And because Nail Democracy just doesn’t really follow the rules, the dress had to match. Nail Democracy's visual approach needed to be unexpected. The identity is filled with life, joy, and color.

Photography by: Sara Arnald

Motion & Video

Initially, we had a hard time putting words to it. To describe the idea, the feeling, and the mission. We had to gather all this in motion and we had to put some music to it. A collage that captured our vision of colorful, outspoken, and blissful joy, captured in the form of a nail studio.