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EFO is a company that has been working with waste procurement for over 40 years. EFO plays a big role in keeping homes and businesses heated while also reducing the toxic waste landfills around the world, by turning waste into energy and contributing to the circular economy.

We are Local EFO


EFO needed our help in explaining their business model and all the different aspects of it, in an engaging and educational way, while at the same time explaining the context that they operate in. We needed to shift perspectives and perceptions, and dig deep into the world of energy, consumption, waste disposal, and transportation – from a global perspective.

We are Local EFO
Skärmavbild 2022-12-29 kl. 12.10.15.png

We built their visual identity and message on the core of their business – energy. With a strong iconography and the idea of circularity, we built our design platform, and created the tools necessary to construct both brand concept, website and logotype.

We are Local EFO
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