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Data-driven decision making


Visual identity


Concept development

Web design



Protorp is a property investment company founded in 2020. Where and how are two questions they are constantly trying to answer regarding their investments. Where, as in where the demand for residential properties will be greatest, and how, as in how to build and develop properties in the most profitable way. The keys to these answers are a combination of data, risk control, and strong leadership – The Protorp Model. A way forward in re-drawing the map for tomorrow's housing.


We helped Protorp to put their vision into words, and constructed their brand new identity around their way of reinventing the housing market.



Protorps way of working is propelled by their three cornerstones; analytical decision-making, risk-adjusted revenue, and power through competence. This is what we built their new identity, logo design, and graphics around – and also what we translated into the tagline – Driven by data. Built on versatility. Motivated by people.


The work we have done for Protorps account is summarized in a new brand identity along with a new website – a solid platform of communication that has enabled Protorp to truly look and act like they should, and to be able to tell their story to investors, co-workers, and the competition. And for them to further align with their vision of investing and building properties for the future.

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