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The ping pong table by Local

Since we have been able to put the pandemic behind us (fingers crossed), people are returning to the office spaces again, working, socializing, and creating things together again. But since many of us have been working from home and have gotten used to it, at least some companies have figured out that they have to add that extra touch to get people back to the office again.

When we created the fun and exciting office space for one of our clients recently, they wanted to enable people to have fun at the workplace and wished for a classic ping pong table. But, since they didn't have a dedicated ping pong room, we had to come up with an idea to combine a conference table with a ping pong table. And here it is - The Ping Pong table. By Local.

It has a custom-made undercarriage and smooth table tops, which are perfect both for fun games and for exciting meetings.

Drops us a line if you also want to turn your conference room into the dynamic and fun space it could be! Prices start at 23.995 sek, excluding VAT - but including laughter, sweat, and a pair of really good-looking ping pong rackets.

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