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Lexington is a globally operating company with stores all over the world offering both home interior and clothing collections. Lexington was founded in Sweden 25 years ago and has its headquarters in Stockholm. Lexington works continuously with corporate social responsibility which means that its sustainability goals are integrated throughout the company.



We wanted to depict the pure essence of the New England lifestyle, which is what mainly influences Lexington – and bring the colors from the beach, the textures from the vegetation growing close to the ocean, and the shapes of the unique landscape into the display furniture that we have drawn and produced for Lexington.

Interior Design

We work continuously to produce custom-made furnishings and interior pieces for Johnell's stores.

Visual Identity

A strong visual identity that allows to be challanged and explored further. 

Display table

Smooth transitions between different materials and sleek design make the tables, shelves, and drawers really blend in and yield the products that are on display throughout the stores. 


We have also designed a couple of one-off furniture solutions for the flagship stores in Oslo, Gothenburg, and Stockholm and are looking forward to continuing the journey together.