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Here are some fun projects we've been working on lately.


Johnells first store has got a new look

In order to create the best customer experience and succeed with visual merchandising – new ideas, inspiration, and renovations are needed. Our latest work for Johnells is a new architectural and interior design work for the store in Nyköping. With new inspiring textures, modern interior details, and new ways to expose the latest fashion trends, Johnells first store has never looked better.


Big l(a)unch plans

Every day, thousands of guests visit one of Sushi Yama's restaurants in Skövde, Kungälv or Stureplan in Stockholm. And everyone has the right to have the same experience; the same good and nicely produced sushi. The same fresh, welcoming atmosphere and always served with a smile.

Sushi Yama was founded in 2008 by the brothers Sargon and Ninos George and today has about 50 restaurants around Sweden. With a clear view of expansion in the coming years, we at Local have helped to design materials to clarify messages and plans for just this.


EFO Magazine – Turning waste into fuel

Oh, what a wonderful joy it is to be able to hold something you have created. In today's digital society, it is relatively rare to get the opportunity to produce something printed, and therefore it was tremendous fun when EFO came to us with that type of request. Ahead of upcoming fairs, EFO wanted a magnificent piece, which explains in depth EFO's business model, but with an inviting and light and bright approach.

The result became a 12-page brochure, with recently photographed images from their offices and of employees, with refined typography and bold and proud headlines. All packaged in accordance with EFO's strong graphic profile.


Building a new brand

One day we were visited by our good friend - Willy Devgun. He is a business consultant and works with startups and small companies, and helps them find their identity, their strengths and guides them by being a link between the company and the bank. With a long experience himself in entrepreneurship and the financial sector, he is a key player for many smaller businesses on the market.


But, as Willy often himself says, it is important to have done your homework before entering the market. With that said, Willy took a look at his own brand and company. After working togheter with us at Local, we sharpened Willy's brand and offer and launched Wide Konsulter.


The project included graphic identity, new website and stationary items.


On top of the mountain. By the sea.

Up on the cliff, like an eagle's nest with a glimpse of the sea in sight and surrounded by tall pines, lies the holiday home named Sjöskogen. And when the small adjoining houses became too cramped, we designed an extension with a new entrance, a new bathroom, and a bedroom with a view.


At an early stage our thoughts began to wander towards old-fashioned fishing camps and the idea of a new modern part - like a floating container - began to form the concept. At the same time, we designed a new kitchen, with seating in the narrow passage and open storage - with the feeling of an outdoor kitchen, but inside.


The pictures were published in Plaza Interiör. Photography by: Elin Sylwan.


Photoshoot in the heart of Jämtland

The autumn campaign for Johnells 2021, is about new perspectives and new influences. Many of us have undergone major changes in the past year - both mentally and physically. Many have worked at home and are now thirsty to meet friends and colleagues. Many may have had time to devote more time to exercise and outdoor activities than before, while others have lost the spark of exercise. Johnell's autumn campaign is a tribute to how we choose to live our lives and how we get dressed for it.

The fantastically beautiful Jämtland offered us radiant weather and the material we brought home with us got to dress Johnells' stores and their webshop.


Capturing the essence of Säbyholm

Between open countryside, meadows, lakes, and lush forests, approximately 40 km outside of Stockholm city center, you will find Säbyholm. A historic place where there once was a natural farming high school, whose history stretches back to the 1910s. Today the remaining buildings has been converted to private residences, and there are more plans in the nearby future.


We have assisted in this project by building a website and by capturing Säbyholm through images and video, to be used in various advertising channels in the upcoming year.


The Ping Pong table

Here you have our latest creation – a custom-made ping pong table for one of our clients. And of course, we’re branding it! Drop us a line if you also want to turn your conference room into the dynamic and fun space it could be. Read more about the project and order your ping pong tab here.